Saturday, November 30, 2013

WIP: Yu Jing Spec Ops

Here are some WIP shots of the Spec Ops model I am working on for a RPG game. My character is a charismatic talker but not a slouch in combat. He is more than able to defend himself in a fight as well as use his charm or witt to best his enemies. Our group will be a band of mercenaries for hire so I wanted a muted scheme befitting of someone ready to undertake a covert op.

 What I have here is fairly preliminary. The green has had some highlighting and shading done, but is far from finished. The the rest of the colors are simply a base with some initial shades for definition.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Quick Hit

Been a while since I worked on anything hobby related. Not only have I not been painting I haven't even been playing anything. For most part the extent of my gaming has been either World of Tanks computer game or my weekly RP group.

Our RP group recently wrapped up the first portion/chapter/whatever of a Gurps Fallout game I was running. I feel like it went well and everyone seemed to enjoy it and that is what matters. I learned one great lesson running this group. All GMs cheat. The good ones do it to keep the game interesting and challenging, and the bad ones do it to compensate for things they can't control. The thing to remember is that there is a fine line between good/bad GMs and the most enjoyable ones bounce between the two.

Anyway, with the conclusion of my game, Gauthic has volunteered to run some stuff for his setting The Chronicles of Sol. It is a sci-fi high tech game set in the current solar system that has evolved over time. I made a "face" and plan on being the contact and communication guy. I still need to work on the background info for him, and I am going to need a mini for during the game.

I chose this:

Infinity Yu Jing Spec Ops. This is one of my favorite models in the army. The armor is a bit more than my character has at this time, but I should grow into it. I will try to keep up with it and keep you all posted when I get some progress.