Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Another year older. This one is a big one for me. I understand they are just years, but the ones with "0"s always seem to be the hardest for me.

Not much going on. Wifey threw me a small get together at the FLGS on Friday, and tonight its dinner with some family.

As a side note, I have the pics but have yet to write the info for the second part of my Dirz post. I  hope to get a chance to get it done soon. I have stumbled onto a new distraction.

World of tanks is a free to play multi-player online tank fighting game. It is not perfect but it has some great things I like about it in addition to it being free. Check it out. The game is free and the online play is free. There is of course a pay portion but I am not sure it really makes a difference for the everyday player.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Year going...and my own little top ten.

Well well, it seems I have been going at this blog thing for a year now. I honestly have to tell you I not only figured at the beginning that this thing would fade long before a year, but there have been times during this year that I thought the same.

With that the blog sits here a year older and I figured it might be a good time to toot my horn a bit. Hopefully there is something in this list that is useful to you or maybe it was what made one of those cool people click the follow link to help boost my ego.

With that I thought I would do my own little top ten.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Confrontation-Alchemist of Dirz (Grunts and Beasts)

The Alchemist of Dirz are my favorite army that Rackham put out. There is something about the way the minis look that I just love. They are the army I have played the most, the one I enjoy the most, and of course the one I have the most miniatures for. Of course since it is the one I have the most for it is gonna take two parts to do them all justice. Having said that lets start with the troopers and beasts and then later I will look at the characters, mages, and monks. I also want to apologize there are a couple of pictures that did not come out that well and I will fix them later if I get a chance.
Clone of Dirz

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Confrontation-Wolfen of Yilla

So to continue with what I started I bring you some images of my Wolfen of Yilla. It was an odd set of circumstances that led me to this army. I have sister that works for one of the local apartment complexes. Her job is to make newly emptied apartments ready for new tenants. One day she called and said she found had a bag of stuff that looked like some of the things I played with abandoned in one of the apartments. To my surprise it was a Wal Mart bag full of Wolfen. Some of the models were in poor shape, and I ended up buying a bunch more minis for the army but what can I say. What I did use from that bag were free.
Wolfen Prowler

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Confrontation-Dwarves of Tir Na Bor

Well with the recent announcement that Legacy Miniatures will start producing Confrontation miniatures I am well bit with the bug. I normally get one of these every 5 or 6 months anyway and this has now become a bad one. I plan on playing games and I will be doing a few posts showcasing what I have done in the past. Keep in mind these are just the models I have painted or quite a bit done. I have a ridiculous amount not painted that I am not showing.

Tir na Bor Mountain Warrior

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Good news for Confrontation

Well, it seem good things my actually come to those who wait. I have a fairly wordy post for you, but I am gonna toss in a couple of my favorite models from Rackham as painted by me.
Goblin Champion Bazuka-Front
Many years ago I was introduced to what is my favorite miniature game, Confrontation. I can not remember exactly when I started playing Confrontation, but I think I played it pretty much solid for about 4 years (I still play now albeit much less frequent). Now that may not seem like that long but I would estimate that I played more games of Confrontation in those 4 years than I have played 40K or Warhammer Fantasy Battle in the 20 or so years of playing those games. Its just a game I like that much.
Goblin Champion Bazuka-Back

There is probably one reason that I do not play the game as frequent as I used to. Several years ago in an effort to not only move their company in a different direction with their models but also to increase profits Rackham made what many consider the worst move in the history of mini gaming. They decided to not only move their game from a skirmish level game to a large scale game, but they also decided to transition from their current metal line to pre-painted plastic models (while completely discontinuing their current metal line). I am not going to go into how or why I think this failed other than to say that after they did so they lost a significant chunk of their fan base and they never were able to gain them or new ones back with the current game.
Collector of Mid Nor-Front
So for several years now I have maintained my collection and continued to play the game every once and a while when the mood stuck me or one of the local gamers. As the Rackham as we knew it was changing and moving from one company to another each time we would wish they would realize the mistakes made and re-start the metal line and the game we all enjoyed so much. Well fortunately it seems that has finally happened. As you can see here a company has acquired the rights to the miniatures and is planning to re-launch the mini line. I have heard whispers that the game it self will follow but at this point I am happy with just the minis.
Collector of Mid Nor-Side

The news almost slipped by me as well. I was wasting some time waiting for the misses to finish preparing for a Saturday afternoon out and about. We were heading to brunch and then she was dropping me at daycare (what see calls the FLGS) so I could ironically enough get in a game of Confrontation with a good friend of mine. As I waited patiently I browsed my email and was deleting the normal stuff I get. One of things I often pass over and delete without reading was the CMON newsletter. Man am I glad I read it.

Collector of Mid Nor-Back
So there you have it. I can honestly say I am excited. Granted I have learned over time to temper that excitement until it actually happens cause I have been burned before. I definitely have a new found bug for the game and plan on playing a few games the next couple of weeks. With that in mind don't be surprised to see some of my stuff show its face here .
Cynwall Magician Galhyan

Friday, July 8, 2011

Rackham Animistic Shaman on a Brontops...WIP2

I managed to squeeze a bit of time out to get some work done on this model. I have not had a lot of time for anything hobby related so I really have not got much done. I blocked out a few of the colors and did quite a bit of work on the skin of the brontops. I still have much more to go. As you can see I have not done anything to the rider yet.