Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back At it..some WIPs

Well I have pried my self away from Civ 5 long enough to do a bit of work. Since the models in the Island of Blood set are so nice, I decided I needed to buy one. I traded the Skaven to a friend of mine in exchange for his High Elves. I assembled and cleaned the Swordmasters and the mage from the box.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back home, but not really back at it!

Well I am back home from my tour of the great north. The trip was a bit long, but Alaska was beautiful and the weather was fantastic. Now to get back to it. All I need to do is find something to catch my interest that is not Civ 5. Buying that may have been a mistake.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nothing for a while.....

Alright folks, you will have to learn to entertain yourselves for a few days. I am off for some R&R with the misses today and I will not be anywhere with an internet connection. Not only is that why you will not see any posts or updates for a couple of weeks, it is also why I have not done anything the last couple of days. I knew I was leaving and did not want to start any projects till I got back.

Oh, someone once told me you like pictures to look at. So here is one...

I have a friend that says my cat looks like Clint Eastwood since he squints all the time. So I made this for him and sent it to him.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Step by Step: Pinning

     No matter what draws you to our hobby or what segment of the hobby you enjoy you will inevitably encounter metal models. If you prefer gaming you will most likely have at least one or two models in your army/force that are metal. If you prefer the modeling/painting aspect, some of the most dynamic and interesting models are made of metal. So you will find over time that super glue just does not hold well enough for those pieces such as arms, hands, or whatever you have. Well pinning is a good way to overcome this.

     Basically pinning is the process of drilling a hole in both pieces to be joined and gluing a piece of wire or rod in the hole. This increases the amount of area that has glue on it, and thus strengthens the hold. This post will cover the steps I take when pinning as well as some of the pitfalls I have learned to avoid along the way.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rackham Jackal Master of Rites

Well, I think I am done with this one. I am fairly happy with the turn out. I may do some clean up here and there, but for most part it is done except for basing. I was considering some tattoos or war paint and I still am debating that. Unfortunately I was feeling myself start to get a wee bit bored and I did not want to force my self to work any more on him. Sometimes my impatience can cause me to rush on things I really need to take my time on, so I will walk away from this one for now.

I hope you like him. Working on this model has definitely made me want to do some more painting though. Of course some more pictures after the jump.