Friday, January 13, 2012

An Experiment...or rather, "Don't Leave Your Models at the Store!"

So, this post is actually a bit overdue. In response to the title, one of the guys from the FLGS has a bad habit of leaving his miniatures at the store. So to teach him a lesson I took two of his Grey Knights. I had a pretty good idea what he was planning on having in his army so I made sure to not take anything that was essential.

Now, Evil Homer had asked at one time about a way to do black metallic armor. I had several ideas of how he could have gone about it. I actually did some tests on a Necron to see what my ideas would look like. I was fairly pleased with the results, but I knew he wanted to use it on Marines and I was not sure it would translate over well. In came the Grey Knights.

Since that time though I believe Evil Homer no longer has the army he was intending on using the technique for. Even though Evil Homer no longer needed the recipe, I decided to use the ill gotten Grey Knights as my test subjects. I figured the owner would not learn a lesson if I simply gave them back.

One small note that I want to include. These models were assembled when I acquired them, and I did not do any cleaning on them before painting. That means the bolters are not drilled, and there is flash visible in several places. One of them was already primed and some of the detail has been obscured because of it. Before I start with the steps let me give you some info for those following along at home. VMA= Vallejo Model Air, VGC= Vallejo Game Color, and VMC= Vallejo Model Color.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Slowly Working

Well, I had a week off from work and very little hobby time. I decided to renovate my shed and replace a sliding back door with a set of french doors. Both went about as well as could be expected for a 95 year old house, but unfortunately they took more time then I wanted to spend.

Between some spare minutes and a easily officiated local tournament, I managed to finish a model. Well almost finish should really be what I said. It is about 98% done, but I noticed a few things on the pictures I would like to fix. Those will have to wait till later. I want to move on to another model.