Sunday, August 1, 2010

Houston.....We Have a Problem!

     Well now, we are now in full swing at the FLGS with WFB and it seems to be going quite well. For some!
 If your skin is any shade of green that may not be the case.

My recently completed Squig Herder unit

       I am by no means a great WFB player. I have a better than average grasp of the rules, and a pretty good hold on the tactics of the game. I have won my fair share of games. Having said that, I have now lost my last four five games. Granted, I would not call any of them blow outs even though I lost pretty much my entire army in each game. I just can't seem to get the game to break over to my favor once I get my and my opponents units in position. Part of this has been dice rolls, but I am a firm believer in the fact that die rolls will only get you so far. So I am just unsure where to go next.

     I am now in the perfect storm of "What the hell should I do!". Not just with my Orcs and Goblins, but with many things. I have exhausted the ideas I have stolen from others for posts so I am not sure what to post (hence this post). I am not sure if I should devote my hobby time to painting O&G, building a new army (most likely Warriors of Chaos), or working on some new terrain aimed at WFB.

     On one hand I would really like to finish painting my O&G army out to at least 2000pts. Problem there is that means I have to keep playing them. See I am not the type of guy that can focus on several armies at once. If I start playing with a different army I will want to paint/work on them. I am not entirely happy with the performance of my O&G right now so I am not sure I want to play them right now. Maybe I have somehow upset Gork and Mork somehow. Anyone know a good shaman who might be able to help. Perhaps my miniatures are upset with the paint that I have stained their pristine metal and plastic skin with (I have been known to avoid painting armies for long durations, this particular one has went un-painted for oh 12 years or so). Maybe I need to do some dicerobics. They tend to do well out the gate, but their stamina fades and they want to roll crap starting in turn three. New dice are on the way so maybe that would help.

     I could start a different army. That would not be unheard of from me. I have been trying to be more disciplined in that are though, so maybe that is not the best.

Here are some of the cases holding my armies, and that other of boxes hold parts of armies!

     I could set my army painting to the side and maybe focus on some terrain for a bit. I do normally enjoy it. I have made or had my hand involved in much of the terrain we use at the FLGS for tournament. Most of the stuff we have there is more sci-fi geared. Granted some could work both ways, but it would be nice to have some that was obviously fantasty. As you can see from this picture I have some uncompleted projects in that area as well.

     Add all this to the fact that I have this interesting new hobby of a blog, along with some great new people interested in what I am doing, and I am at a loss for ideas of what to tell them. Thus we have cerebral flatulence such as this article. Hope fully you all can forgive me for this.

     So as you can see, I am in a bit of crisis as it seems. Well crisis may be a harsh word, but I am a bit lost in what to focus my time on. Who knows, maybe inspiration will strike me soon and all will be well. 


SAJ said...

I selfishly want to see a Warriors of Chaos army built on your blog, since I can't build one myself at the moment. Those knights are awesome models.

Of course, I'm also very interested in terrain design/building, and no one seems to do any tutorials on any aspect of terrain, especially painting it.

Evil Homer said...

@SAJ: Terragenesis, Terrain Thralls, the Hirst Arts forums, all good places to start for tutorials on terrain, the Privateer Press forums also have a terrain section and they have some good stuff in there.

If your bored some day troll the old PP forums there is a ton of terrain stuff in there.

@MM(esno): From a selfish point of view I would like to see you do some more terrain, we all get to play on it and I'm making any for anything except malifaux/con/helldorado any time in the future. Some true fantasy terrain would be great.

On the other hand, if your not enjoying playing you'll end up stopping so the army has some merit. Run up at 1500 point WoC list this month and start playing it next month. That will give you time to have it built and ready. Your 1250 O&G is already done right? If you wanted to switch back then your only 500 points behind on the O&G if you needed to go back. Not an insurmountable number at all.

Big Whit said...

I would like to see an article on how to best microwave your dice. Maybe Brent could give you some pointers. ;)