Saturday, August 7, 2010

Something to keep you looking

Painting the tower is taking much longer than I expected. So before I do the next step I thought I would show you some of the other pieces I am working on. The paint jobs are all WIPs and most are in transition from how they were started painting over a year ago.

This house is made from a foam core shell. I then added some windows from the Morheim sprues. After that I used some wood to trim it out. I then cut a bunch of small chits of card and glued them down as roof tiles. More after the jump.

     This one is another of GW plastic WFB building. I have glued it to a base and added a walkway like the one I did in my last post.
     This is another made from foam core. I added a couple of small Mordeim windows. I cut some card to make the brick on the corners, and the door is made from some thicker card with the boards cut in but not all the way through. The roof is made in the same way as the first one.
     This last piece is one that had several things I was experimenting with. I have some matboard that I cut and glued to the Mordheim corner pieces. The chimney was cut from pink foam, then I drew the grout lines with a pen till they were thick enough for me. The roof was a failed experiment. Instead of cutting the chits as I did with the others, I tried to make a strip and just cut some lines in from the bottom. It ended up being more work than the chits and I feel it does not look as good.

     I hope these pieces keep you coming back instead of scaring you off. Man, if the Watchtower ends up turning out bad I may not be able to redeem myself.

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SAJ said...

These are all looking good, and are going to look great on the table. The spackle walks is a good idea, and nice because any pattern can be etched in.
I'm enjoying your work on these, keep it up