Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WIP: Rackham Jackal Master of Rites pt4

Okie Dokie...got quite a bit done last night. I am starting to wrap this thing up. I still need to finish the metal parts, most of the staff, the hair on the skull next to his leg, and of course the eyes. I am still not sure how I will do the eyes. I am contemplating adding some tatoos, but I suck at freehand stuff and I do not want to mess up what I have done.
 Oh yeah...note to self; Don't test new products on a model you care how it looks. Luckily it was an easy recovery. The new matte coat I bought is not really matte, it is kinda satin. If only friends would answer their texts, or I would listen. Oh well, I was able to correct it and I will not make that mistake again.

There are some different angles after the jump.


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SAJ said...

You bowled a wicked googly with this one