Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back At it..some WIPs

Well I have pried my self away from Civ 5 long enough to do a bit of work. Since the models in the Island of Blood set are so nice, I decided I needed to buy one. I traded the Skaven to a friend of mine in exchange for his High Elves. I assembled and cleaned the Swordmasters and the mage from the box.

The mage from the box is a really nice model but I want to do a good job this one so I decided to keep it in pieces to paint it. The have all the seams in places where I will not have to worry about color differences between the pieces.

In addition the mage I also assembled the Swordmasters. These are some really nice models for being single piece plastics. There are few chunky areas but for the most part they are quite detailed.

Now I just need to settle on a paint scheme that I am happy with. I am not sure I will do the traditional white/blue/silver. If I do I may use some darker subdued colors. I really like the colors on some of the LOTR elves so I may try that.


Brent said...

Glad to see you're back at it.

SAJ said...

me too, and I look forward to seeing paint on these minis. GW almost got me (and still may) with the Island of Blood, the High Elves models look great, and fun to paint.