Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year!! Well soon anyway.

Sometimes I post just for the sake of posting. There are a lot of things going on for me lately so not much blog content. EQ2 is taking more and more of my free time recently so not a ton of mini work has been going on. I have been able to get a few games of Warmachine in over the holiday so that is nice.

I have managed to at least put paint to model. I did some additional work on my Menoth Choir but the progress is slow because I am working in spurts. I will try to get some WIPs up for you in the next day or two.

I made a wet pallet to see if it will help with the style of painting I am currently working with. I recently started using more thin glazes and I am fairly happy with the results. The problem is with a standard pallet the thinned paints dry way too fast and I find myself constantly going back to the bottle for more paint. The wet pallet should remedy this. I tossed something together for now, but it is far from a suitable permanent solution. Perhaps a tut is in the making.

This weekend its off to Big D to catch a Stars game and the New Years Eve festivities of downtown Dallas. It is a yearly thing now with my wife as well as my best friend and his wife. All four of us are big Stars Hockey fans and this is a great time to enjoy the game (as well as libation for the normal driver) without the worry about a 2.5+ hour drive home.

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