Sunday, December 19, 2010

Scribor Mounstrous Miniatures: Angel SF Knight

     Well, let me start this by saying this should be a review of a Scribor Mounstrous Miniatures: Templar SF Knight. This was initially suposed to be a character for my Black Templar army but, thanks to my inability to double check my order I entered the wrong item and got this model instead. I am not too upset as it is a great mini. This is also a good thing as it means I can paint it in anyway I want without any color requirements.

     I ordered this along with several other things from the "Cool Mini or Not" store. Let me give a quick word about that. The website was pretty easy to use, and the order was shipped and received in a timely fashion. Nothing really outstanding, but definitely nothing negative at all.

     I want to break this down into the individual pieces because I think it will handle a bit better that way. Any good building starts with a good foundation and I can only say one thing about the foundation about this mini. WOW! The subject is excellent. A broken statue face next to a piece of ruins. My Black Templar are based on some Micro Arts ruin bases and I almost want to save this base for a mini of that army. Since I most likely will order the correct mini in the future I think that might be the plan. The casting quality is good. There is not a lot of flash on this base and the mold lines are non-existent. A quality piece.

     The actual figure of this model is broken into several parts. The body seen above, the left shoulder pad, left arm, shield held in hand, and the sword. The body is again a beautiful product. There is a lot of detail here. The model is a bit massive and I am still not sure if I consider that a pro or con. Here is a pic next to a basic marine so you can get a sense of the size.
     The flash and mold lines on this model were pretty good. There where a few spots that did not cast properly but nothing I did not expect. The one thing about this; the details on this mini are so fine you have to be extremely careful when cleaning or you will scrap/file them off.

     The left arm components came as several pieces. These pieces were on a large piece of resin connected at the bottom. They were easily removed from the sprue and it did not leave a huge chunk of resin on them. I can not stress enough how important that is. Since the resin they use for this is a bit fragile in thin or small sections, the easier it is to get off the sprue the less chance you will damage it while removing. The detail on these pieces are just as good as the previous pieces and the flash or mold line were good as well. The one complaint I do have is that on the shoulder the lines around the outside of the shoulder pad were uneven and when I tried to clean them I knocked one of them off. I am not sure if I am going to take the time to fix it or just paint it as is. I am not sure I have the skill to replace something that thin.

     That leaves the sword. The pic is not that great so you can not see the detail along the blade. It is very nice. It was connected to the sprue in the same smart manner as the details above. Unfortunately this piece suffers from the same issue that the shoulder pad had in that some of the finer details needed to be clean and almost were knocked off by knife/file.

     This is a really nice model. The details are fantastic and the quality of the casting was pretty good. With the exception of a few of the finer details it was fairly easy to clean. I can't wait to get some paint on this. I doubt I will paint it anytime soon because I am knee deep in prepping for some Warmachine/Hordes stuff at the FLGS. When I do though you can be sure you will see the progress here.


Loquacious said...

gorgeous ruin/broken statue. I love that.

Brent said...

I've had my eye on Scribor models for awhile - I'm glad you took the plunge.

For me, the size is a benefit. I've always liked the idea of a true-scale Marine army... but that's a lot of work.


j said...

Scibor is making some of the best models out there! Well done with the choice!