Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WIP: My Eldrad Conversion

     Well slowly but surely I am getting something done. I started this model for a monthly painting challenge over at the Dragonpainting forums. The theme is simply sci-fi. Since I already have my Howling Banshee Exarch pretty much finished I decided to start something new.

     It was a toss up between and Eldar or Black Templar model and I am intrigued with my Eldar at the moment so I decided to do another.
     I am not entirely thrilled with the current Eldrad sculpt so I took one of the current farseer models and added Edrad's head, his sword, and the top of his staff. Add in a bit of green stuff here and there to meld it all together and this is what you have.

     This is simply a few of the initial base colors. They are painted to match where I am headed with my current Eldar scheme. I also started on the second step on the red and a few of the highlights of the gray so I can see where I am headed. Hope you like it.


Big Whit said...

Can't wait to see it when it's done.

SAJ said...

It appears that your 'current Eldar scheme' is based on painting them with awesome sauce. Looking good, and yeah, this is a much improved Eldrad model