Monday, January 9, 2012

Slowly Working

Well, I had a week off from work and very little hobby time. I decided to renovate my shed and replace a sliding back door with a set of french doors. Both went about as well as could be expected for a 95 year old house, but unfortunately they took more time then I wanted to spend.

Between some spare minutes and a easily officiated local tournament, I managed to finish a model. Well almost finish should really be what I said. It is about 98% done, but I noticed a few things on the pictures I would like to fix. Those will have to wait till later. I want to move on to another model.

This should be the standard I look to maintain throughout the basic troopers. I may spend a bit more time on the special, heavy, and power weapons, but for the most part this is it. In addition, once I have all the unpainted models finished I may go back and re-do a few small units that are already completed. I say may because I am not super satisfied with how they look, and they will look a bit different to the ones I am doing now.

As a side note, we had a pretty good day at the local Cites of Death tournament I hosted Saturday. Pretty much the core group of 40Kers plus a few stragglers. Very relaxed with little in the way of issues or drama.

I do want to send a special thanks to Evil Homer for making the drive up from Austin for the event. He managed to parlay a child's requested birthday trip into a road trip to the old stompin grounds. Overall he finished 4th out of 10, but I am sure had he been here leading up to the tournament, and had time to play some CoD games before the event he would have fared much better. Regardless, it was nice to hang out again.

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Carlos said...

I like the look of the model. the only thing I think you should add is some form of battle damage or dusty weathering around the feet. it isn't necessary but it would make the guy look even better.

P.S. if you start doing that I have a dreadnought in a sock waiting for you :)