Friday, February 3, 2012

I Don't Paint Like That No More!!

I have been going through a bit of a funk lately. School is taking a large chunk of my free time so the hobby time has been extremely limited. The problem is, with the limited time I have I am starting to tire of painting black and white on Templar so I have been looking for something different to do. I decided to take a crack at working on my future Chaos Marine army.

See, I have an Emperor's Children army that I started a long time ago. This was my attempt at a fluff based list. It was pretty much done construction and in the painting stages. After a while of playing the army the current codex was released and pretty much torpedoed the army I had constructed. I made several attempts to try to figure out a way to make the army work, but the codex really does not allow for a very good mono-god Slaanesh.

So you may be asking yourself what that has to do with anything. Well the Emperor's Children army and I had and my future Chaos army are on and the same. The problem is that I truly do not paint like that anymore. The models above are the only models that were completed. They were the initial test models and I have many other models that are in various stages of completion. I am pleased with the way they look, but there are several problems with them in my eyes.

First off I am not sure I want to use the same color scheme. Even if I did choose those colors, my painting skills have progressed way past the basic basecoat/drybrush/wash/highlight techniques I used at that time. That means I could probably figure out how I did it, but I now have other tools at my disposal that may make my minis better and overall take less time.

 There in lies my dilemma. Do I paint the rest of the army to match these models as well as completing the ones that are done, or do I strip them and start all over? Not sure why I am asking that as a question, because as this is being published, those models and any others that have paint on them are sitting in a bath of Purple Power.

After cleaning many of them will get broken down. I will assemble a few of them so I can work out a paint scheme. It will most likely be something similar to what I did here. The finished product will be cleaner with more details, but I am sure I will start somewhere near what I did there. Basecoats and directional highlights done with my airbrush, and detail work done later.

So, we will see where it lead. I will try to keep you posted on my progress and results.

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SAJ said...

you've made the right call, not because the above minis are bad (they look great), but because it would never stop bothering you. Looking forward to seeing this