Friday, March 30, 2012

And plans change yet again!

I want to start this post by apologizing to Evil Homer. I had planned to play on a team with him for the WargamesCon team tournament, and not that is bust. Sorry to leave you hanging.

That was the plan. Started working on a guard army to take to the Con but school and personal issues are telling me that it just isn't the best idea. I am more than likely taking Trig in the summer, and I would have to miss at least one day of school and a weekend of homework time to make it to the tourney. I just don't think that is a wise decision.

So, no WargamesCon means I have no immediate need to finish my guard. I am not going to stop playing them, I really do enjoy the army. It just means I can let my mind be drawn to other projects if I want, an d boy do I want. The announcement several weeks ago of the resurrection of Confrontation by Legacy Miniatures has me wanting to work on something a bit more....substantial. So last night I prepped a mini for paint, and I should get some spare time this weekend to put some paint on it. No pics yet, but I will try to get some up for you soon.

My hobby time, or leisure time in general tends to come in hour long spurts right now. I am hoping a single mini will easier to jump into and out of than a large army build that requires dragging out tools, assorted pieces, ect. Stay tuned.

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