Friday, May 25, 2012

Wrath of Kings WiP: Part II

Here is some updated pictures of where I am at. I have not done much, but I am still making progress. I darkened the leather on the gloves as the consensus over at Dragon Painting forums was that the gloves were too close in tone to the skin. After looking at the model and the pictures I agreed so I toned it a bit darker. 

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I started working on the metallics. I have really been struggling to get real depth in my metals. I am not skilled enough to properly do Non-Metallic Metals so I have to fall back on traditional metal paints. Unfortunately I am still developing my skill with those. The metals are a work in progress. Hopefully they will turn out ok. 

I had to detach the head to get better access so I took separate pics of that.

Hope you like it.

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