Wednesday, July 25, 2012

EsnO Turns Two!

My my how time flies. Two years ago I thought it would be neat to start a blog and share some of the useless knowledge I had floating around in my head. Two years and over 100 posts later I am still at it. That's right, Every Store Needs One turns two! The post are much farther in between, but I still try to share what I am working on with those of you who stop by.

I want to take a moment to apologize for the lack of content, as well as thank everyone for taking the time to stop in and see what I have to offer. Unfortunately, real life has affected the blog in the same manner as it has my hobby time. I don't have a ton of time to work on projects, but when I do I try to make sure they are here for all of you to take a look at. Here's hoping for another year, and maybe some more time to share my projects with you.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fiends of Slaanesh conversion: Need Some Input

Just like many in this hobby, I have many armies. One of my favorite to play, well used to be, was my Emporer's Children army. With the release of the current codex, the style of that army was never the same and I stopped playing it.

Fast forward to the release of 6th edition and the inclusion of allies. Now all those lovely Slaanesh daemons that have been taunting me, are now able to be included in a EC army. Even with the renewed joy of playing my Children, I still have a small problem. The current model GW makes for Fiends of Slaanesh are hideous. I can not state in words how much I dislike them. They have a great profile though. So I have to come up with a replacement. I decided to use Tyranid Ravagers as the base with a bit of work to convert them into some thing depraved enough. Here is the pics, afterwards my thoughts.....
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