Thursday, February 14, 2013

Working Away...Infinity Terrain

So there has been a movement at the local store with Infinity lately. I already own the models so I figured I would join in. We took a stab at this game once before, and the pull to other games as well as the terrain demands pretty much stopped it before it started. This time around, we all have an understanding of what it will take, and we are committed to using what we can until we get some proper terrain made. I played some games last week and we used card storage boxes as terrain. I always enjoy making terrain so I thought I would spend some of the little free time I have and take a stab at it...

 I started with some simple drawings in Sketchup. This allows me to get the measurements down ahead of time so all I have to do at the table is cut and glue. To my surprise it was incredibly efficient. I have completed two buildings in under a week, and if I did not have school and a new baby, I might have been able to do even more. The pic below is how I lay them out. I draw a floor, then copy and paste it onto the building. That way I can have the measurements down for each floor, and see the building without a bunch of numbers hanging all over it.

My drawing from Sketchup
Please keep in mind they are deliberately simple with little to no detail. Right now I am just trying to crank out as many block shapes as I can, with the intention of going back and adding details once they are all blocked out.
The back side of the building at the top.
 They are just simple shapes cut from foam core and glued together. Once I get enough for a table (I figure I will need 10-12 of these in various sizes/shapes)I can start adding the detail work.

The finished building from the Sketchup drawing
Hopefully time and motivation will permit me to get a entire table done. In addition to these two, I have 3 others already drawn, and I can draw new ones in 20-60 minutes depending on size and complexity.


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