Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Infinity Table in 30 Mins

 So, after browsing the Infinity forums I found a great idea for quick terrain for Infinity. I stole this idea and ran with to see what I could do. In the same fashion as other terrain I am working on, it is incredibly basic. I will detail it later. 
 The how after the jump...
I started with a pile of these paper mache craft boxes from Hobby Lobby.
I bought a total of 16 boxes and it cost me about $60. Then, stay with me, I flipped the lid over and glued it to the box upside down. WHAT!!! Yes, its just that easy. You can arrange and stack them any way you like to make a fairly interesting looking table. It took me longer in the store getting the boxes than it did actually gluing them together. If you want you can add all sorts of detail which I will do at a later time, but as they sit they will work well to get some games in and hammer the rules.

Oh and the added bonus, if you glue the lids to the bottoms and not the tops they stack and make it easier to move around.

As for the type of terrain they provide, good multi-level line of sight blocking terrain. There needs to be some small scatter terrain, but as it stands it should get the job done.

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