Friday, July 12, 2013

Eldar Re-Paint WIPs

     My hobby time the past two years has been extremely limited. My decision to return to school as well as the birth of my son have cause quite a drain on my free time. That is probably the number one reason why I have had limited activity on this blog. This summer I decided to take a break after 2 full years (summers too). That should allow me more time to paint and hopefully put some stuff up for you all to look at.

     So, with the recent release of the Eldar codex I have enjoyed working with that army again. We have a saying locally "I don't paint like that no more.", and to some extent that is true. I am not trying to say there was anything specifically wrong with how I used to paint in particular how I painted my Eldar, I have just learned skills and techniques that will make painting new models much easier and reach a better result.

     The miniatures above are from my old army. In my heyday it was good enough to win me a best painted at a Rouge Trader tournament, and the army itself won me a overall win in a different Rouge Trader. Keep in mind this was some time ago, and the style like the miniatures has not aged well. I decided I needed a new style for the army. I plan on using similar colors, but I will paint them using some different techniques and hopefully come out with a quicker more pleasing looking scheme.

     This is not the first makeover I have attempted on this army either. My first instinct was to tone down the grey, and the red to some extent, to a more muted tone. In addition I added red to the shuriken catapult. With these models I prefer a bit of color on the gun as opposed to a simple metallic gun. I like this look and for a while it was what I was going to go with.

Now, as I was saying new techniques. I simply do not have the time needed to complete an entire army using the methods I did on the above models. I have an airbrush and I wanted to incorporate it into the plan. The unfortunate part is to do so required a change of scheme once again. So, the gray I settled on is in between the first and second attempts. It is sprayed on with my airbrush in 3 lighter stages to provide some shading below with minimal time spent. The main change is the amount of red. I just could not see a reason to spend the time to spray all that gray if I was simply going to cover it up. Therefore most of the armor pieces that used to be red (mainly the torso, but some others), is now gray.

Here is a group WIP. I intend on focusing on unpainted units before I re-paint any units. Having said that I needed to know how the guardians were going to look before I could work on a set up for the aspects.

     I am not a huge fan of the all the aspects having a completely different look. So what I intend to do is incorporate the gray or red from the guardians with what I consider a hallmark color of the aspects. Here is an example below. For me the Banshees have always had a bone/tan base scheme so here I replaced the gray with that tan.

     I did a similar thing with my old Striking Scorpions by replacing the red plates with the traditional Scorpion Green. They may be a bit small but you can see them in the bottom right corner.

     For the Dire Avengers, I plan on keeping the gray under armor and replacing the red plates with blue. Fire Dragons will be done in a similar fashion but the plates will be orange.

     Well I have drug this on for entirely too long. If you have made it this far thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates.

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