Monday, June 22, 2015

Pelgarth Bloodmask - WIP 2

So still working on my Bloodmasks. The progress has been slow as I have been busy with summer school and distracted by H1Z1. I have managed to move forward on these buxom ladies. I have a lot of stuff on them that is incomplete.

The leather on the legs and arms needs some additional highlights. The red on the masks and the shields still needs additional midtone coats then the highlights. The thong, if you want to call it that, has a basecoat and needs the rest. Here they are. The pics are not great as I was more interested in getting something up for you to look at than getting out my tripod and taking all the normal steps with lights and such. One I get them finished I promise some better pics.

Then there is this beast. This is the Greathorn for House Nasier, the same house as the Bloodmasks above. I really like this model. It is very imposing, shares many of the details that you see throughout the army, and is quite nice looking.

The one thing I will say about it, and the Wrath of Kings large plastic models in general. It does not go together well. As with all the other WoK modes the assembly on the surface is extremely easy. The pieces are pegged with shaped pegs so they are easy to line up and glue together. However, in a lot of places there are significant gaps at those joints that need a good deal of work to cover. On a model for my Teknes, The Mighty Taur, it is a mess and I regret not taking more time to clean and fit it before gluing it together. This model is not that bad, but where the arms connect will need some work. It almost reminds me of how GWs large metal models used to fit together.

So I hope you like what you see. I have several ideas for posts since I started back working on my hobby stuff, but it might be July when I am finished with summer school before I have time to do them. In the meantime, enjoy.

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