Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Progress Report

     Well, I have finished the orc boys unit but it does not look like I will make it by Saturday.

     I still need to base this unit. That will take an evening. That leaves the Doom Diver to be painted.

     Thursday I have to go take pictures of my wife's softball game, so no work there. Friday night will most likely be spent at the FLGS (this could be skipped). That leaves Wednesday night. Well, I could have easily based the unit on Wed and made some progress on the Doom Diver. Unfortunately we had a death last night. A little rough handling and my oldest desk light caved under the pressure. It kinda annoyed me too this thing has lasted around 15 years, but it could not hold out any longer. So now I will need to shop for a new one, and knowing my OCD I may end up buying multiples so they match. I am just that way.

RIP Desk Lamp (1995-2010)

     Anyway I go about it, I doubt I will have time to get it all done before Saturday AM. Not sure how much effort I will put into trying, but regardless I may be done at this point.

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Brent said...

I own one - if you can't find elsewhere and the OCD starts nagging you, we can talk about you taking if off my hands.