Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Addiction...it's not just for drugs!!

So, I guess I should start this by saying two things. First off I have no prior training about any type of substance addiction and any comments made are my own opinion and not trained or scientific in nature. Second, I am not trying to trivialize any struggle that anyone may be going through as I understand that dependencies can be very difficult to deal with. On with the post.
So you tell your self you don't really need "it". You are strong person and you can control how and when you use "it". You go quite a while and you think you are doing well and pretty much over "it". You stay busy with things and your mind seldom wanders back to "it". Things are going great.

The holidays come along and "it" starts to creep back into your mind. You are left alone for long stretches of time and have a lot of leisure time. Hmmm...maybe I should try "it" again. Nah.

Free time again. I could paint some minis or "it". Hey maybe I should play Fallout NV or play some Civ 5. What could it hurt so you break "it" out again. "It's" not as good as you remember but "it's" nice.

Less free time available now. Well the game is on tv and I can do "it" and still watch the game right? Sure I can.

Hmmm..time off work coming up. Cool! More time to do "it".

What in the wild wild world of sports am I talking about? Fuckin Everquest 2. I used to play several accounts and log lots of hours online. About six to eight months ago I closed all my accounts but one and pretty much stopped playing. Well several weeks ago I started to think about the game again. I was playing Fallout NV at the time and when I would sit down to play I would find myself wondering do I want to play NV or some EQ2. Well as if you can't tell from the post above EQ 2 has won out in the battle for my time. Like a drug I was once addicted to I fell off the wagon and now I spend a good chunk of my free time playing. So if you are interested in why no updates that would be it. Nothing new to show because I don't think you want to see screen shots of my Barbarian Beserker getting pommeled by some quest mob.

 On the hobby side though some of the guys at the FLGS have started playing Warmachine/Hordes. We played the game in the past and have not tried to play since MK II came out. I will be honest in the fact that I did not care for the game in the past. There were a few things about the basic mechanics that really bugged me. That said I am keeping an open mind and giving MK II a chance. With that you may see some WIPs or completed shots as I try to get some of the stuff for it painted.

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The Antipope said...

I never played EQ2 but I had the same experience with WoW. I had to go cold turkey on it because at some point the game was ruining my life in several aspects (social life, university, love life etc.). I am glad I don't play anymore.