Thursday, January 13, 2011

Choir of Menoth #1 Finished

Well, I am pretty much finished here. I Completed the eyes and added the freehand to the scroll. I also added some basing. I think I might have been able to do more to this model but I was starting to get to the point where I was fighting any ideas I had and just needed to get it done.

I spent a lot of time trying to decide what to put on the scroll. Between my own apprehension about actually messing it up and trying to come up with something I really liked, I did about ten to fifteen different practice ones on some paper. Finally I just had to find something simple that had more than just squiggly lines to look at.

As for the basing I am not real sure on that. Like a lot of other things I am doing right now I was trying some new techniques. On this one I actually applied some ink and then dry-brushed some paint over the static grass to give it a different look. Even though I do not really like the combined look I like what I learned about the grass and I think I might be able to take that and use it to a better affect later.

So hopefully you like it. I will keep you updated as I work on the rest of unit.


SAJ said...

This looks great. The colors, that some might consider drab on paper, really bring the model to life. The depth you worked into them and the way they compliment each other make for a very interesting mini. Plenty of pop, and good call going parchment on the scroll

Papa JJ said...

Really incredible work on this mini, MM(esno). The scroll looks fantastic and I love the muted choice of colors. I particularly like the cloth streamers coming from his battle staff, that deep red or burgundy color looks great. Very inspiring!

j said...

Beautiful model and terrific paint job!