Sunday, January 9, 2011

WIP: Choir of Menoth #1 v2, Plus some jabber from me

I have been trying to paint on a regular basis lately. Even if I am only able to get 30 minutes or an hour out I try to sit down and at least paint. Here is a bit of WIP from those efforts. This model is getting close to being done. I want to do some freehand on the scroll, and the face needs a small amount of work. I also need to do the eyes.
 After the jump there are some other pics as well as a bit of blabber about my current mindset with regards to painting.


I have problems painting multiple models at a time. This is something that I seem to have to re-learn every so often. There is something about my personality that bothers me if I am not painting to a certain standard. Now I know I have painted ranked up armies in the past, but those are a bit different. Those models I am less concerned with the overall product and more concerned with completion. The thing with my Menoth is that even though I feel the Privateer Press models leave a lot to be desired (I am an old Confrontation player and the quality and character of Rackham's sculpts spoiled me), I have been using them as an exercise to work on my technique.
 Why am I even bringing this up?  Well it actually has to do with the project at hand. See the model picture here is one from a group of three that I started at the same time. You can see the WIPs of them together here. That was pretty much the last I worked on them together. It was handy at the time because I was able to work out some of my color combinations. After that point though I felt more comfortable sticking and keeping with one model. So you get this one. Hopefully I can maintain focus long enough to get them all done. 


Loquacious said...

I'll agree that just about nothing compares to the lovely sculpts Rackham was jamming out with Confrontation- but overall, the PP line has a certain thoughtfulness that I don't see elsewhere. Malifaux is coming close, though.

I'm enjoying the work I see here.

Can I ask how you did the "creases" or small lines on the unfolded scroll? I've tried similar things and it just looks bad and I don't know quite why.

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

The creases are actually part of the sculpt. They were done with the darkest shadow color on the scroll with a small amount of black added. Then I highlighted the lower edge.

Big Whit said...

Looks good. I also like the way Brent painted his up. Two diffrent styles a on great looking mini.