Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Evil Homer's New Years Resolutions

The inspiration for my "Hobby New Years Resolutions" post was a post on our FLGS forum by Evil Homer. When he saw that post he decided that keeping up with, and tracking his progress on his own resolutions would be a good motivation. He talked about posting those sort of things on a blog somewhere and I offered him my site. So with this you get my first guest author as well as hopefully a regular topic to take a gander at.

You can see his post after the jump;
So as you saw in the MM(esno)’s entry in this category, New Years is a good time to reflect on the conditional figementia*  suffered by most mini-wargamers. I posted these on our local forums and a slightly different list on the PP forums. Here are Evil Homer’s New Years Resolutions:

(1)Build and Paint 50 points of WM Rhulic Mercs. This may end up being Highborn so the models overlap. No more WM/Hordes factions until complete.
(2)Complete both my IG and Thousand Sons before starting a new 40k Army. The IG needs some assembly finishes and a complete paint job. The Thousand Sons needs some purchase (vehicles, terminators), some conversions (oblits) and a complete paint job. Oh, the Thousand Sons also need a list.
(3)I want to paint a 400 point Confrontation Army as well. To a decent standard, not just my normal table top quality. Also I want to finish out my Tir-Na-Bor (need a giant and 1-2 other pieces), Orcs, Mid-Nor (demon tower, Neran the Scary, and 1-2 other models), Devourer (Shurat, another tyrant and a couple of other common pieces), and Cynwall (need a dragon and Syd’ de Kaiber). I think I will paint either Orcs or Mid-Nor.
(4)Begin completing projects before moving on. Unlike the MM(esno) I don’t have to downsize much. I am a bit of a trader rather than hoarder so I’m pretty good about moving armies on that I’ve no longer got an interest in. What I do need to do is begin completing projects before moving on and to really consider whether I need a new army or project before buying.
(5)I want to build 2 quality Skirmish tables for the store. This one I am flexible about though.

The new rule is, with the exception of what I need to complete 1,2, and 3 above no new models until those are complete.
So once a week I will try to post progress on something on this list. First up will be a series of overviews of where each project currently stands.

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