Monday, January 3, 2011

Hobby New Years Resolutions

The idea of new years resolutions is nothing new. You see it all the time. Many people set them, and do so for various parts of their lives. Well I have decided to make a list for myself.

Like many of the things I do recently I decided to take a minute and really look at what I want outta this list. If I am really looking to use this this list constructively then I should not only make a few tough decisions, I should also bet realistic with the things I add to my list. For example...I know there is no way I will get all my minis painted this year so there is no sense in making that a resolution.

So here is the list I have along with some explanations of why...

1. Commit to at least one post a week here. I started this blog with the intent that it would merely be a place where I could spew my thoughts and if people read it so be it. The blog is barely six months old but I think I have some great people that come here and read as well as comment on my stuff. Well in my head if you are going to take the time to read it, I can take the time to write it. I can't guarantee they will all be great but will try to make sure I get at least one thing up a week.

2. Complete one models a month. Let me temper that statement with the following; I am talking about one well painted model a month. This may not seem like much, but I do tend to go through long stretches of inactivity. Combine that with the fact that I am typically a slow painter as well as my limited hobby time and I think this is a healthy goal. I may have to allow myself some leeway on this and occasionally count quantity as quality, but the result will be the same. Consistent effort in the hobby.

3. Post at least one "Step by Step" or tutorial a month. Pretty self explanatory. I want at least one tutorial or step by step a month on here. I hope to do more but I want at least one a month.

4. Reduce my collection of miniatures by at least 25%. This one will require a bit of speculation on my part. I am not sure exactly what 25% will look like but I think I will know when I get there. Like many of us out there I have amassed an enormous collection of miniatures. Many of them are for projects started or conceptualized and never finished. Some of them are just really cool minis I just "had" to have.

Those were my generalized and generic resolutions. Less about a huge change (except #4) and more about a consistent hobby effort throughout the year. The rest of these will be specific.

5. Finish building and painting my Black Templar army. I started this one last year for a build up event we did at the FLGS. Once I realized I was not going to be able to participate in the main event for the build up I kinda lost focus. I need to finish the model I own and build the rest of the models I want for this army.

6. Consolidate and re-evaluate my Eldar armies. I have two different Eldar armies. One of them I constructed, painted and played in 3rd edition. When the newest codex came out I started a new version with different models that were to be painted different (or slightly so) than my old army. I should have simply re-painted the old ones but I did not. Now I need to re-examine what I have. Decide what I need to keep and remove anything I do not.

7. Paint my Menoth army for Warmachine. This one may take a some time but I am adding it to my list for this year anyway. Maybe it will give me direction so I can maintain work on them.

8. Reduce my 40K collection to Black Templar, Slaaneesh Chaos, and Eldar, and do not start any new unless they are completed. This is sort of related to #4, but it is a more specific address. It is also one that may not be completed this year. I own a lot of models for 40K. Many of them will never see the table top. They need to find good homes to people who will take them out and roll dice with them.

So that is my list. I hopefully will do a follow-up post in March letting you know how I am doing on my list. Hopefully it will be well under way.

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j said...

I should really adopt the first two resolutions...