Friday, January 21, 2011

On Old Projects, Sisters of Battle, and Resolutions

So a couple of weeks ago I posted a list of resolutions here. In the article that I would reduce my armies to Black Templar, Eldar, and Chaos Space Marines Slaaneesh armies. I wrote that with every intention of following that resolution. The problem I have is that not only did I have an old project that was out of sight it was out of mind.
My Sisters of Battle!

So many moons ago I started this SoB army for a Cities of Death build up we were doing at the FLGS. I really enjoyed the army at the time but when 5th Edition came out I was not really happy with the way it played with the new rules. It had a lot to do with the way my army was constructed and not as much about what the army was capable of. If I remember correctly I had also been painting on it to prepare for a Rogue Trader tournament that was coming up. I found out I was not going to be able to attend the tournament. So I tabled the army and worked on something else. 

Fast forward to two weeks ago I am writing a list of hobby resolutions. I thought in my head about the armies I really enjoyed playing and working on and the army I had not touched in several years was forgotten. So I made a list and my SoBs where left off.
So a day or two ago I was sorting through some of my stuff. You know making an honest attempt at completing a resolution. When I pulled out a box containing my SoBs I wondered to myself; "Was that on my list?" To my astonishment it was not.

So now I have a decision to make. Do I honor my resolution as written and sell/trade away my SoB army? Do I re-nig on that and keep the army? Perhaps I swap that army for one of the armies that are on the list?

Its a tough decision to make. I really enjoyed working on this army when I was doing so. I have considered re-starting that work several times in the past but never really wanted to make the changes I think I would have needed to make to have an army that worked well in the current game. With those thoughts though the only thing I have done with this army in the past 4 or more years is paint the Cannoness. I could hold out and see what comes of a new codex if they get one.
I could pass it on to someone who might be interested in using it as is right now. They are painted fairly well and there are the conversion on the Exorcist tanks ( I have the GW model). I am not sure I would be able to duplicate the painting on them if I restarted them at this time, but it should not be too hard. Not sure what to do here. I will have to take a bit of time and decide what I am going to do. Whatever way I go hopefully you will enjoy the pictures of what I have finished so far.


SAJ said...

Keep 'em! Forget the resolution! I might say sell sell if it was a small force with lots of unpainted minis still...but these look really good and it looks like you either have a complete army or are very close to a full high points force. If you are wanting to sell them to finance a different army, that might be different.
Anyways, cool stuff, keep them!

Gauthic said...

Oh absolutely keep 'em! They're one of your signatures when you feel rowdy and bring out the guns with nuns just to talk smack.

Almost like playing with an all goblin army... "I beat you with GOBLINS!"

Big Whit said...

Crap, I've never seen this army before. Don't be a tard those things are freaking awsome. I really thought that Preggo was the only one with a sisters army in town.