Thursday, February 17, 2011

Evil Homer: His Dilemma…And a new year’s resolution update

So some follow ups on my new years resolution and a Dilemma I need help solving. I find it easier to complete New Years resolutions if I no longer have the models to deal with…

It's not failure if you change the rules!

Warma/Hordes: No longer Rhulics, its build and paint 50 points of Retribution. The Rhulics got sold to a local player. I used that money to begin funding at Retribution of Scyrah army. The good news is the test model is painted and I am motivated to get them done. Maybe I can get the MM(esno) to snap some pics of the test model.
The Rulics I sold
 40K: My Imperial Guard has found itself a new home. More trades to come as I move what I got in trade along for a second WarmaHordes army. That still leaves the question of my Thousand Sons. This army was always a labor of love based on my enjoyment of the T-Sons fluff rather than any competitive build. I may have found a way to do both though. Stay tuned. Bolter & Chainsword’s Dornian Heresy supplement may solve all my problems.

Confrontation: I’ve down sized my Confrontation collection quite a bit, sending both my extra Mid-Nor and all of my Cynwall to new homes. I think I may have a new home for my Griffons as well that leaves Orcs, Tir-Na-Bor, and Mid-Nor. I’ve painted a little on my Mid-Nor but nothing serious. I will still paint 400 points of Confrontation this year. Just need to decide on a faction.

Project Completion: -going on here. My plan is to finish my Retribution as my first completed project. Once I get some feedback on my test model and really nail the scheme I can get started in earnest.

Tables: The MM(esno) has put up the Hirst Arts table I built and he painted and did the base work on. There is a second table in progress. They have been built. He will do the paint and base. I’ve got some trees to do for them. I’m calling this one progressing. And ¾ complete. GO ME!

And now…the Dilemma…
     I got rid of my Guard army. I need a new 40k Army for competitive play. It is what it is. I don’t consider it reneging on my Resolution, just changing it from Guard to something else. So I have a few options but am having trouble deciding. I am notorious in our group for being indecisive. Hell the only reason I had a Guard army is because we rolled randomly to decide what armies we were going to build and that is what I ended up with. Here is an explanation of the options:
  1. Dornian Heresy Thousand Sons-this army will be based on the fluff presented in the Dornian Heresy supplement from the Bolter and Chainsword . This army will be built to handle to various marine codexes but based on the rumors about the forthcoming GK book, it will probably be built to handle that book specifically. Read the Dornian Heresy fluff then read the GK rumors. Match made in heaven.
  2. Sisters of Battle – This army is the one I want to build but the sisters themselves are becoming hard and harder to get. A real pain to build I think but I know exactly what I want. Probably typical Immo spam but Sisters are gorgeous.
  3. Dark Eldar-I have not really studied the book so I don’t know what I would build here but the new models are very, very nice and the army is something completely different than anything I have played before.
  4. Tyranids-This is the wild card in the deck. I think there is a competitive army in the book, but I don’t even know where to start with it. Again something completely different.
So Vote and leave your thoughts, comments, and suggestions. If you have a different suggestion let us know.


SAJ said...

I think my vote goes for Dornian Heresy Thousand Sons, but I'm not quite following you. Loyalist, psychic Thousand Sons, and you'd use C:SM, or are you saying you'd use the upcoming C:GK? Either way, it would be a sweet looking army with a cool story.

Scott R said...

SOB are both hard to get, and increasingly expensive on the GW website.

SinSynn said...

lol- I just replied to your comment on Brent's article at Strictly Average...

Since you bought up Nids as a possibility....
I will say this, Evil Homer- I love my Nids because-
A) a lotta people think they're fail, until I beat them with the army.
People get harshly reminded that Nids ain't really fail just cuz the internet says so.
True story-
I once had a guy call me 'cheesy' when I invoked the Poison 'to-wound' CC re-rolls on him.
He said Nids are OP. Lol.
He ran a dual LRC list....

B) I never knew how much fun modeling can be until I was forced to build Tervigons, make Green Stuff lash whips and such. I ended up kitbashing 6 plastic Hive Guard, making cool Primes with swords/whips and other stuff like Shrikes (I only built 3...need more cuz they're cool).
I'm working on a T-Fex design, and plotting plastic Venomthropes for a real greestuff challenge.
So Tyranids rock in the hobby department.

C) And since not a lotta people got love for the Nids, it makes me feel a little 'Rogue' to run them. I'm everybody's enemy >:)
It's fun to run with an underdog and be a suprise spoiler, as well.
Plop yer Nids down in front of a IG Straken Hybrid list with an Infantry blob and watch the poor Guard player get a little teary-eyed.
Aww, he thought he would make it to round 3 with no losses...Suprise! It's the Tyranids!

anyway, your 'quest' has me curious. I'll be following...