Monday, February 14, 2011

More WIPs...Howling Banshee Exarch pt5, Dark Eldar Incubi pt1

Some quick WIPs for you to look at. The first is one you are probably getting tired of seeing.

     I really have not had a lot of progress on this Banshee Exarch because I am struggling to get the weapons to a point I am happy with. I worked on the weapons a bit and I think I am real close to where I want to be. I really wish I could get a better picture of the weapons. They look ok here but I could not really get a top down angle of the shot to best show what I have here.

     I also mounted it to a base and did a bit of work on the base with some weathering powders.  This is a first with the powders for me and I am happy with what I have got for a 1st try. I am sure I will get better with them as I go. As I get a bit more familiar with them maybe I can do a step by for you. First I have to make sure I know where, when, and how to use them before I can help any of you.

     There really is not much more to be done. Hopefully I can have some finished shots for you later this week, time permitting. I need to finish fleshing out the gems, some of the cloth, and the rest of the weapons. That should pretty much be it. 

     This next one is a new project. I bought this right after these models came out but I have not had the time to start on it. The other night I was looking for something to throw paint at with my airbrush so I figured I would use it to base coat this model.

     This is a simple spray on of VGC Heavy Purple followed by a wash of black, then purple inks to give it some tone. I also did a quick dry brush of the purple so I could see some detail but in the end most of that will be covered with other work. Other than the purple the tabard and arm sash got a coat of VGC Heavy Green and the cloth on the hands, back of the thighs and parts of the arms got a coat of VGC Heavy Grey.

     So far I am fairly happy with the "Heavy" line of Vallejo paints. I guess it is Vallejo's answer to GW's Foundation line. I does not cover as heavy as the foundation paints but for most part it performs just as well. At least for my purposes it does.

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