Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WIP: Eldar Guardians...Time for some troopers

So I figured it was time for me to get off my ass and post something. Since I have been concentrating on painting individual models I figure it would be a good time to take a break and do some units. We are doing a Ard Boys build up again this year and I am working on Eldar. So that means I am going to be painting Eldar. I already have quite a few models painted up for this army, but I am going to be starting over and replacing the old painted ones with new ones.
The pieces of my new Eldar models

Here they are ready for new paint

See, the Eldar models I do have painted were painted quite a while ago and as the locals have heard me say before "I don't paint like that anymore".  I really mean that too. The models below were painted using a base/wash/drybrush method. They are not bad looking models they just are not up to snuff with what I paint currently. Since I do not have enough to make a full army I need to add and adding means starting over.
My Old Eldar
 So I am starting over. I will use the ones I have painted until I get all the new ones painted. Once they are done I can replace the painted ones either by re-painting or replacing. The pictures below are of a mini that I painted about a year ago when I first decided to re-do the army. At this point it is pretty close to what I will be going for now. There are a few minor differences. The red I will be using should be a bit darker than what you see below, and I will be doing the chest armor to match the grey. I realized after getting the model to this point that there was a bit too much red and the grey should help break that up a bit.

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