Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good Luck Evil Homer

Well the time has come for Evil Homer to take his leave of the local scene. His wife and family had already made the move to their new home in Austin as he stayed behind to finish up some critical stuff with work and take care of the final details of his move.

Got to play a game of Confrontation (god I love that game) with him last night at the LGS. It was great fun and we had a great time. We really had a great run with Confrontation and even though we hardly ever play it anymore it was really nice that the last game we played (for what I think will be a long time) is Con. Fitting I think.

I just wanted to take a second to give him one last good luck. He has been a good friend and I will miss the regular talks we have about the good and bad we see on the net. I am sure we will still keep in touch but it is not quite the same when your friends are 5 hours away.

Thats right...I said it...friend. Damnit I avoided that for this long and now I stick myself with it. I need to take a look at the rules again. (thats and inside joke for anyone not local)

Good luck Evil Homer..hope to see you back soon for a tournament or some other event.

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SAJ said...

What?! EH is gone? Sucks for us, but hopefully it's good for him and his fam. Good luck to you EH. Hmmm...Evil Homer, WargamesCon, excellent microbrews, the reasons are stacking up for an annual excursion to Austin by the galaxy crew