Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Project...and dumb mistakes

So I have been feeling a but lost working on my Black Templar. Normally I would push forward until I get to a point that I feel I have it worked out. Well I am at a place where I think I am happy with what I was doing with the black, and I am also kinda bored with messing with them. So I need something else.

I dug out a model that I bought from Dark Age. I bought some of the minis for this game and even at one time intended on playing it. The models that caught my eye to start are the Dragyri Whispers. I love the models and so I thought I would dig one out and have a go at it.
Since I do not really intend to play this game anymore, I figured this would be a great time to try my hand at a nice scenic base. This will really be the first time I try this and I am not entirely sure where I am headed with it and it may be a bit off genre but I need to start somewhere.
As for the mistake....the model you see in the picture will probably need to be re-primed. In my infinite wisdom I took the model outside and primed it about 2 hours after a rain shower. The humidity did a number on the primer so I may need to strip it and re-prime. I know there were condensation water drops on the surface when I brought it back in from the spray. Guess we will see how it goes later.

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