Friday, May 13, 2011

Learning there.

Ok I bet you are tired of seeing these posts. Trust me I am tired of doing them. Like I said in the first one I am hoping that what I am going through will help you out. Spending some time looking at some other painters, mainly those who are much more talented than me, gave me an idea of what I wanted. When I attempted to match their work using the steps I thought they would take, my results were less than spectacular.

Well the one that caught my eye the most was from a link that SAJ over at Works In Progress posted a few links in the comments a few posts ago and one led me to some Death Company marines that are painted by Gimiak over at Brush Borthers. BTW, if you have not ever visited Works In Progress you should really stop by there some time. SAJ is like me in that he tends to work really slow, but he finishes some really nice stuff. Anyway, I followed the link to The Brush Brothers blog and got a gander at the Death Company models that were painted by Gimiak. He pretty much hit exactly what I was aiming for.

After failing to replicate his work using the steps I thought were needed, I emailed him and asked about his process. Not only was he kind enough to reply but what I got back was great. He gave me the recipe for all three of his attempts at black. A very basic one he started with, then the next step in his evolution, and finally the process he used for this wonderful Relusiarch.

I hurried home after work yesterday and immediately tackled a few minis. They came pretty much how I expected and I think with a bit of work they will be almost exactly what I am looking for. As soon as I perfect what he sent me and tweek it a bit for my liking I will get a tute done for you all.

Oh are some WIPs of the ones I started yesterday. 

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SAJ said...

I must be a caveman, the idea of emailing Gimiak never even crossed my mind. These tests are looking good, I'm excited to see this develop...and am selfishly eager to see the tutorial.

Ps. thanks for the kind words, but yes, I probably won't have a fully painted army until 2015