Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Learning doing it wrong.

Well well...can someone say epic fail. I thought I had the right idea, thought I would whip out a quick mini that is somewhere close to what I want. Then I could figure out some shortcuts for the basic soldiers.

WELL WELL WELL...I could not have been more wrong.
So that makes test number 11-12. I am not even really sure where I went wrong. But the mini on the left could not look more grey. I might try to work some black into some shadows to see if I can pull it back to what I want.

If you want to see test model 9 check after the jump....

This model was done using an edge lining technique. Not terribly happy with it, but it might just have to do. Any way...back to the drawing board.


Messanger of Death said...

Have you considered using dark blue instead of grey when it comes to highlighting?


Carlos said...

I don't know if this will help but it is worth watching.

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

@MOD The current mix I am using is a 1/1 VMC Black/VMC Dark Prussian Blue for the base and the first highlight is 1/1/1 VMC Black/VMC Dark Prussian Blue/VMC Black Gray. The final highlight is VMC Black Gray straight.

I have watched the LBursley vids, but he is doing the hard edge highlighting and I am trying to avoid just that. I know I am going to need to use some sort of mix of styles, but I am trying to avoid just edge highlighting because I am not real hip on that look.

Rkik said...

Honestly, with black, I think the edge highlighting really is the best way. Just looking around at black plastic (my keyboard, laptop, monitor, mouse, etc) there really isn't a lot of gradient in the color. Some of the larger flat parts will reflect the light sources with that color, but otherwise it is very flat. Only the edges have very sharp contrast to the flat black parts.