Monday, June 27, 2011

Still here

I am still here. Unfortunately I have not been doing much hobby related. See I get in funks when it comes to the hobby. Any of you that come to this site more than once have probably seen that. This last one has been the worst. Normally my hobby work is driven by what I am playing. Recently though I have not really felt like playing anything. WFB has my interest a bit, but I have no idea how long that will last. Even if it does last I don't really feel like working on anything for it.

So yesterday my wife wanted to spend some time at here parents house. She has recently bought a 67' Mustang and her and her father have been working on it. That leaves me with nothing to do, but she still wants me to go with her. So I packed up some stuff to work on.

In digging though my minis to find a project I settled on one of my favorite miniatures of all time. You will soon see what it is but for now that is all I will tell you. I spent a good portion of the day pinning and cleaning the model. I do intend to once again create a scenic base for the model. While I was cleaning the model I had some plaster poured into basic molds so I can break it up and use it on the base. This model is for one of the armies I play for one of the games I play so it will need to be on a standard base but I intend for it to be a lot more dynamic.

I hope to have some WIPs up for you soon.

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Brent said...

Here's hoping it's that Ork I gave you from the Warhammer computer game!