Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rackham Animistic Shaman on a Brontops...WIP1

Well here it is in it's early stages. This a Animistic Shaman on a Brontops from Rackham (sorry Brent, maybe next one). I really love this model and it is one of my all time favorites.I think it might actually be my favorite mounted model.
This belongs to the Orcs of Bran O Kor which is an army I played for a while in Confrontation (god I love that game). We don't play it much, but it does get drug out from time to time when the locals get bored of 40K/WFB/Warmahordes or whatever we are pushing. I play Alchemist of Dirz most but I have a sizable collection of several other armies and this is part of that collection.

The model is currently mounted on a standard black plastic base and then sticky takked down to a wooden box so I have something to hold. The base below is where it will eventually be mounted. I simply cast some plaster in some empty blister packs and then broke that up. I then glued those pieces down. I followed that up by gluing down some soil from my front yard. That is something I picked up from MassiveVoodoo. The soil breaks down into smaller pieces than sand is and it looks a bit more realistic. I intend to add some additional details later but I am not sure what. Of course I will paint it as well.  I tend to go for a SW desert kinda look.


Evil Homer said...

Excellent choice and worth the wait. I have my painted orcs sitting in the Dip right now so I can start over.

Brent said...

I have to say, I really don't know why you like the primer you use. From the pictures it seems like it leaves a chalky film.

Is it the texture you like?

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

The texture is an illusion. It looks like it is chalky or that there is a texture but those spots you see do not leave a texture.

I am simply priming black then dusting the model from the top with some white. It affect the colors when you apply them and it also helps to show where some of the highlights are. It can also be helpful with identifying details.