Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Confrontation-Dwarves of Tir Na Bor

Well with the recent announcement that Legacy Miniatures will start producing Confrontation miniatures I am well bit with the bug. I normally get one of these every 5 or 6 months anyway and this has now become a bad one. I plan on playing games and I will be doing a few posts showcasing what I have done in the past. Keep in mind these are just the models I have painted or quite a bit done. I have a ridiculous amount not painted that I am not showing.

Tir na Bor Mountain Warrior

We start this off with my Dwarves of Tir Na Bor. This is the second army I painted for Confrontation. The thing that drew me to this army was the faces. Across this army they have some of the most characterful faces (is that a word...spell check thinks so) of any minis I have seen. Dwarves from most ranges have that but these ones excel at that. I added my thoughts in between. One other interesting thing is that I left this army on display at a friends game store for a couple months. When I came back to claim it there was a guy there who had duplicated the color scheme pretty much exactly down to the armor, cloth, and even hair tones. From what I was told he made about two trips a week to the store to see where the colors were.

 The Mountain Giant was one of those models that I bought intending to paint only but he actually saw the table. I never finished him though as the rules changed from 2nd to 3rd edition and he did not fare as well once they did. Not only did I not play him after that but I also stopped painting on him. So as you can see he is a WIP. Btw, you may not be able to tell but this model is almost 6" tall.

Soldiers of the Plains
 Soldiers of the Plains are some basic Tir Na Bor troops. I liked the faces on these models and I felt they lacked the typical "armored to the teeth" dwarf look.

Khor Warrior on Rhazorback
 This model may not be that dynamic but I though it was a good subject. While it was not a great model, especially compared to the others in the range, it filled a need on the table so it was added into a list and painted.
Boor with Hammers
 Boors with Hammers were some of the older dwarfs of the line. They were later replaced with the soldiers of the plains.

Khor Warriors
Here we go, "armored to the teeth"! Khor Warriors are the epitome of that they came two ways either two handed weapons or sword and board.

Forge Guardians

 Forge Guardians are some of the first "steam powered" models they released. These model carry a boiler on their backs that enhances their attributes.

 Armorers are some of my favorite models in the Tir Na Bor line. They have the characterful faces as well as some other great details.

Nerak the Bold
 Nerak the Bold was added to my list because I loved the model and he was a bit cheaper points wise than some of the others I liked.

Thermo Warriors
 Thermo Warriors are the big brothers to the Forge Guardians. Once again they carry boilers on their back that enhances their attributes. That and they remind me of the aliens in suits at the beginning of "The Fifth Element".

Lithomancer (sorry for the bad pic)
 I screwed up the front shot of the Lithomancer so I apologize for that. It was in the middle of a large series of shots and I was too lazy to go back and fix it. Another model with a great face. In addition he carries gems around in that chest that he can use to give a model a spell like ability.

Thermo Priest
Thermo Priest are not really priests per say but more a wizard. In case you don't notice a theme here...boiler on his back.


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I HATE THAT GUY! He sould stay in the Dr Seuss books. That thing has no place on the game table.

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I figured you might have some flashbacks when you saw that pic.