Friday, July 8, 2011

Rackham Animistic Shaman on a Brontops...WIP2

I managed to squeeze a bit of time out to get some work done on this model. I have not had a lot of time for anything hobby related so I really have not got much done. I blocked out a few of the colors and did quite a bit of work on the skin of the brontops. I still have much more to go. As you can see I have not done anything to the rider yet.

Here is the mount without the rider.

 Here is the base the I am working on for the model. I sprayed a good portion of this with my airbrush. Unfortunately I struggled to get the look I wanted. Afterwards I tried to paint a bit on with a brush and I am starting to get closer but I think I am still a bit away from where I want it to be. In case you are wondering I am trying to get a look of desert rocks or sandstone.  

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