Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No time to work on minis...clearing out old stock.

Since I have not had any time to work on any new minis, I therefor have not written anything for you lovely people to read. Most of my spare time lately has been devoted to making an attempt to clear out some of my older minis that I am pretty sure will never get used. I have been thinking about paring down my collection since the beginning of the year and now I need to consolidate my computer room into my game room so no time like the present.

I have however had a few moments to assemble and test a bit of Helldorado. My initial impressions are pretty good. It is hard to say right now, but I think I am going to like the way some of the interactions work. Add to that the fact that I like a lot of the miniatures and this one may have staying power. We will see how the locals take to it.

As for the minis...I like the look and feel of most of the factions. There are a lot of smaller pieces that may become a problem later on if they get lost but they do make for a good looking miniature. The casting is good but not great. What do I mean by that? Well almost everyone of the models I bought had mold lines that needed to be cleaned off and some were fairly thick in places. In addition there were a few models that had mold lines running right down the center of the face. That is a pet peeve if mine. As a manufacturer you have to know that any mold line on a face will most likely be unrepairable by the normal gamer and therefor curses the model to look like Slough from the Goonies.

On the other hand, maybe when I am done removing minis from my collection I can do a hobby cribs article about what is left.

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