Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Piece of Terrain

Here are some shots of one of the other pieces of terrain I have recently worked on. This piece was done with pretty much the same steps as this one was. Just a few pics and a real brief explanation of what I have done. More pictures after the jump.

 This one was a bit more straight forward. Used some of the left over CoD plastic pieces I had and made a small building. Then I added in a some parts from a hardware store to make something that will look a bit different on the table. Followed that up with the normal bits, sprue rubble, and sand.

Here it is painted up like the last. Some airbrush work on the pink foam parts, then some spray to make the rest go quickly. I used three different colors of spray. A black base spray,a light dusting of grey over the walls and sprue rubble, then some brown on the flat sanded portions.

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Brent said...

It looks awesome!