Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some new terrain

I am back to my old ways again and I am running a Cities of Death tournament. I have managed to square away some time to my self so to prepare I have been working on some new terrain. I have been trying to add more detail to the pieces I am able to do.

I started with pink foam insulation glued to a piece of hardwood base. I want the look of a foundation as well as the ability to work below the ground level of the building. I took the foam and carved out a hole so I could imbed one of the pieces of terrain from the Battle for Macragg box. So the foam looks like a floor I scribed some lines into foam with a ball point pen. I did make one mistake when doing this. I drew the line all the way to the edge, and I probably should have stopped before I got to the edge. I also added some wedges at the tip of the cockpit so it looks like the wreckage has buried itself into the foundation.

 Once I had the foundation I added some CoD plastic terrain. I wanted to make sure the building parts did not separate from the foam after the whole thing was finished so I drilled a few holes and basically pinned the building to the base.
After the glue dried I added small pieces that were cut from the plastic wall sections to the base to give the rubble piles some definition. After that I added some sprue rubble and some sand. I also cut some foam steps and scribed some lines just like I did with the floor. I also cut some plastic sign and etched some lines to look like cracks to make some sidewalk. 

 Once all that was dry and secure I sprayed the foam parts with my airbrush and then hit the rest with some black spray paint. I know I could have done the whole thing with my airbrush, but the spray paint is just so much faster in this case. I am not looking to be exact or precise I just want to cover the sand and plastic as fast as possible. Plus I have found in the past that the spray paint has a more durable finish over time. I also dusted it a bit with some grey paint to give it some definition until I get the time to paint it a bit better.

 So here it is. Hope you like it. I have another piece that is almost done maybe I will get a second post done in a bit to show it to you. If I am really lucky I will get some time to paint it better before the tournament.


Brent said...

Looks great!

I just finished up a Cities of Death kit for Larry myself, but I wasn't sure if he wanted me to paint mine.

Carlos said...

The building looks awesome. Now I have to get my stuff going.