Sunday, June 3, 2012

WoK Piggie: Final

I managed to finish up the piggie I have been working on. I am fairly pleased with where this model ended up. I did not finish the base because I am unsure where this one will ultimately end up. If I end up actually playing this game and build this force, I will want him based the same as the other models so I did not base him at this time.

My ability with the true metallic metals is still evolving. On uneven surfaces I am ok, but I know my work on large flat areas (such as the swords on the back) still need a lot of work, I am just not really sure how. For now they are done.

 More pics after the jump...


Brent said...

Honestly, the pics don't do this model justice - it's fantastic work, sir.

Evil Homer said...

I wonder if just making the shadows deeper would be enough on the blade to really push the contrast the get what your looking for.