Monday, November 26, 2012

"I'm not dead yet!"

Regardless of how it feels here on Every Store Needs One, I am not dead. The birth of my first child has stolen any free time I had. I have been working on some stuff, but just lack the time to post anything.

I am trying to reduce my collection a bit, and narrow my armies down to those I "really" want to keep and work on. Originally that meant that I was going to be selling my IG and my Black Templar, but the more I read in the Horus Heresy forgeworld book the more I think IG will be the only casualty. Eldar are one of old flames, and I have always been a fan of Emperors Children. So it seems I will be breaking apart my Templar and using what I can to make a loyalist version of Emperor's Children to mirror my current Chaos project.

Speaking of Chaos; my interest was already renewed with the allies rules and the release of new models in the boxed set. The book, well I call it a step in the right directions. Those of us cult players who lived the 3rd edition book will probably never be really satisfied, but this book is "Ok" for me so I am back building my cult list.

The an Emperor's Children list using the Codex:Chaos Space Marines and my chaos models. I plan to paint them in one of the pre-heresy color schemes I have seen in the Horus Heresy book. In addition, I plan on building sort of a pre-heresy army using the pieces from my Black Templar (Templar marked bits removed of course) built from the Codex: Space Marines. Those too will be painted in the same scheme. The Space Marines may end up being painted a bit lighter than the Chaos ones, but other wise they should be fairly similar.

Here is where I am headed on the minis. Just some pics, as I am still nailing down the process. Once I do I will get some step by steps for you. The basics will be airbrush base coats, and detail work with a brush. I want better than table top quality, but nothing spectacular.


40K Giveaway said...

Man, I need to come out from under my rock more often....I didn't even know you'd been expecting. Congratulations! I hope things are going good with the baby...boy or girl? Whichever, I hope they like to sleep.(preferably at night!)
I have yet to play a game of 6th, but I'm really liking the new Chaos models....look forward to seeing more of yours- Simon

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

I didn't even realize 40K Giveaway was your blog.

Its a boy btw and no...sleeping at night is not happening yet.