Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Quick Work

I finally managed to finish a figure. I have been replaying Fallout New Vegas and I also wanted a figure that I can paint and not really worry about how it looked in the end. Let me rephrase that. I was not going to be concerned with it looking spectacular or matching the color of an existing force. With Fallout on my mind I pulled out one of the cultists I have from the Dark Vengeance set.

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I noticed right away that the amount of time that had passed since I last really painted a miniature was having a drastic affect on my ability. So, I decided to not focus too much on the little things or try to make the mini perfect. This was about getting paint on a miniature and finishing a project. 

Pretty straight forward stuff. Some basecoating, washes, and highlights to get it completed. I did experiment on the base a bit though. I stole the idea from Simon over at 40K Giveaway, and stretched it a bit. The material is vinyl composite floor tile that has been broken into pieces. It works great to rep rocks and concrete. I took it a bit further though and used a sculpting tool to cut lines out of it so it looked like floor tile. After paint I finished it up with some dry pigment and a piece of grass tuft.

Overall I am pretty happy with what I got. It's not great but it is finished. It also allowed me to stay into the mindset I was in from playing Fallout. Unfortunately, the longer I play the more I think about subjecting my RPG group to some post apocalyptic carnage. Could be fun.

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