Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pelgarth Bloodmask - WIP I

So I want to try and stay up with my progress as I work on these models. I may bounce between simple progress updates and something more in depth. The pictures may not all be great quality either as I am more interested in getting the posts up than with great quality pics. Of course if there is something I need to show I will do good pics.

This is where these "ladies" stand at this point. The skin is pretty much done as are the bases. I am quite happy with the bases but might add some static grass to the bases for some variety. I had a struggle them at first with as they are CMoN's new deep well bases. I want to do a post in the future about them with possibly a step by step on what I did.

I hope you like where they are headed. I am pretty happy with them.

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