Monday, May 25, 2015

It's Alive...IT'S ALIVE!!!

     Nope, this is not a mirage.....I am actually going to post something. It's been a while since I have posted anything on here. I could blame it on time (school, work, wrangling my toddler), but it really boils down to a complete lack of interest in the hobby. I always go through low times in my gaming and normally something comes along that sparks me back into playing/painting and therefor posting. Maybe its just a perfect storm of my friends not playing or not playing anything I want to play, and wanting to invest my time into school and family.

     Regardless, I have tried several times in the last two years to find that spark. Not only one that moves me to do some hobby work but something I feel like posting about. Recently I have been looking at a game I mentioned a while ago when doing a resin mini,Wrath of Kings. I never really talked about the game at the time as I was bound by a NDA and could not talk about it. I will say I had some serious concerns about the balance and the direction the game was heading. The reasons are irrelevant I will just say I honestly never expected to pick it up again, but I did.

     We play these games for enjoyment and a good chunk of my enjoyment is playing with my friends, and when Big Barrera came talking about WoK I decided to give it another look. Its a pretty simple game that plays quick and has nice looking minis. The cost of entry is right there so I was not worried about a huge investment to try it out. I will try to write more in the future about the game but for now that is all I have to say.

     So this is what I have been working on and I apologize now for the pics as they are phone cam pics. The models are Pelgrath Bloodmasks for House Nasier. Not entirely my favorite models from the range but they are fairly simple and should allow me to finish them without much fuss. I am not going for anything extremely complicated here, just trying to get paint on plastic. Well paint on CMoN's version of plastic (more on that later). I just want to work on my skills and try to shake off some of the atrophy that comes from a complete lack of work the past couple of years. I will try to keep you updated with my progress. I have rambled on long enough, until next time take care.

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