Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pelgarth Bloodmasks - Final

Well here they are. I went back in and added additional highlights to most of the parts. They are nowhere near the quality I have produced in the past but I am currently okay with that. Working on more miniatures will retrain my skills and sharpen my brushwork. I hope you like them.

I picked the Pelgarth as they are a fairly simple setup without too many different parts. It allowed me to focus on just a few colors and getting them done. The larger areas as well as the duplication of the red and the leather kept the decisions to a minimum.

There are several issues I know exist. I did a poor job of cleaning the models and there is quite a bit of flash and missed mold lines. I knew that going in but was more focused on getting paint on models.

So this group is the first of hopefully many. I really did enjoy working on them and for me that is the best part. I have found a game that I am enjoying playing and the models are ones that do not become a chore to work on. At least not at this point.

At my local game store we are just starting a slow grow campaign to help build support and player base for the game. At this level we are playing 6 infantry, 1 leader, 1 specialist, which is half the lowest level in the game. It makes for interesting games, but they play fast so there is no worries about the play slowing to figure out a rules issue or look up an ability.

This is the two I have left for this level and then I can focus on adding models for the next stage. A Longhorn on the left and the Pelgarth Howl on the right. Both of these models are gonna add a bit of a challenge as the skin tones are quite different and they have the added detail expected for individual models. I will probably work on one more than the other but there will ultimately be drying time that will facilitate a little back and forth action.

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