Saturday, November 6, 2010

Howling Banshee Exarch...WIP 2

Well I am plugging along with this one. Not quite the pace I would like, but I am steadily getting work done. I am working with a new style where I emphasize shadows and highlights to give a bit more contrast than I have in the past. So far I have been happy with the results although they still look a bit rough in places. I am having to be extra careful with my blending because it can be really distracting if some of it is not clean.

It may not look like a lot of process, but I have pretty much finished the red on the legs and I am real close with the red on the top. The hair has been re-worked because I was not happy with the way it looked before. I fell back to old techniques and it just was not gonna fit with the style I am using on the rest of the mini. I have also started working on the tabard and it still needs some additional highlights and shadows, but you can get a feel for where I am going with it.
Here are a few extra shots...


Loquacious said...

Love the depth of detail in the hair. Also, I find the butt spectacular.

SAJ said...

This is looking great, and I agree with Loquacious. I hope you plan to continue posting your progress on this, I enjoy/get a lot out of seeing the stages of work.