Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Throwback to my Eldar

Well part of my resolutions was to take stock of what armies I have and make an effort to reduce the amount of "stuff" that I have. So in doing that I have been going through my collection and looking at all the stuff I have. One of the armies that I am keeping but still need to take a look at is my Eldar army.

This army was the first army that I had completely painted. Keep in mind this army was constructed to compete in 3rd edition. After I played it for a while and won a couple of tournaments with it I moved on to something else. It was based on the Ulthwe list outta the Craftworld Eldar book. Before you say anything I know it was not very fluffy based off the Ulthwe story but I did not care. The list included 2 Wraithlords, a Falcon, Striking Scorpions in a Wave Serpant, 2 units of Guardian Defenders, 1 unti of Storm Guardians, a Vyper, a Seer Council, and an Avatar.

The Seer Council is pretty much straight forward except that I removed the Shinning Spears and replaced them with Witchblades.

The Avatar has a bit on conversion. The arms were moved slightly and the sword was removed and added to a piece of rod to make a spear.

The army went pretty much unplayed until the latest Codex Eldar was released. I wanted to take the painting in a different direction that did not involve as much drybrushing. So I set out to build a new army to go along with the new list.

The colors I chose would still be basically the same but I wanted to go with a more subdued color scheme, The warlock above is an example of what I wanted to do.

This is the conversion I did for Eldrad. I took the standard Farseer model and added Eldrads weapons and head. I wanted something that was not as flat as the standard Eldrad mini as well as making mine stand out a bit.

The Howling Banshee Exarch of course has made an appearance here before. It is also still a WIP and I have it out on my table to finish soon in the future. You can see the same colors used from the warlock. Grey and red will be the main colors for this army. I try to integrate the main army colors into my aspect warrior schemes. Luckily for me it was easier with this model because red is both one of my army colors and one of the common colors for Banshee aspect.

Unfortunately the latest codex came at a bad time while I was playing different games and my interest did not last long. So the army got shelved once again. Hopefully I will find new interest in the army later or perhaps they can be resurrected when the next Codex Eldar comes out. Hopefully you will like the pics.


Papa JJ said...

I really enjoyed learning some of the history of your Eldar, thanks. I like the way you painted those bases, that's a pretty exciting look for them. The new color scheme looks great, as does the Eldrad conversion. Looking very good, MM(esno)!

SAJ said...

I think I prefer both your Avatar and Eldrad over the stock GW versions. And the banshee is looking awesome, keep painting it!

j said...

Fantastic job. I'm not a 40K fan, but I really admire a good-looking army like that one.