Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fighting through the funk; Howling Banshee Exarch...WIP 4

So the funk has been pretty heavy with me lately. So instead of wasting time looking for a new project, I decided to just push through on an existing one. I drug out my in progress Howling Banshee Exarch and did some small stuff on this model. Since it is most of the way done it is easy for me to pick out some smaller areas and work for a few minutes and then move on if I start to bore with it.
 More pics after the break....

 I worked on the mask and blocked out the colors on the weapons. I am still not entirely sure what direction I will go with the weapons but I wanted to block out some color so I could get rid of the plain white primered spots. Also the pics don't really show the definition on the mask as much as I would like, maybe I can get some better pics on the next set of WIPs.

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SAJ said...

This looks awesome! The weapon is tricky...I kind of selfishly want you to do something with a glowing power weapon effect because I'd like a tutorial on that, but introducing a new color might be too much. A subtle effect with green on a dark blade might work, and make the gemstones pop.
Of course, the dark metal you used on the Avatar might be best fits with the rest of the piece.

Anyways, it looks great, I'm enjoying seeing it.